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Base64 Decoder tool for free

What is a base64 decode?

Let’s try to understand, how the base64 decoder tool works. when decoding Base64 text, four characters are typically converted back to three bytes. The only exceptions are when padding characters exist. A single = indicates that the four characters will decode to only two bytes, while == indicates that the four characters will decode to only a single byte.

What is a base64 decoder tool?

Base64 encoding converts the binary data into text format. Which is passed through a communication channel where a user can handle text safely. It is also called Privacy enhanced Electronic mail (PEM) and is primarily used in the email encryption process.

How base64 decoder decodes any string?

It is very easy to use the online base64 decoder tool. You just need an encoded string. And the tool will do the rest.

Base64 Encoder tool – Enter any decoded or plain text and click on encode button. It will show an encoded string in the output text box.

Base64 Decoder tool– Enter any base64 encoded string and click on the decode button. It will decode the encoded string and show it in the output textbox.

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