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Google Sheets Direct Download Link Generator

Google Sheets Direct Download Link Generator[Explained]

What is the Google Sheet Direct link?

A google sheets direct download link is a download URL link of any sheets created by Google sheets online. Once anyone hit this URL, it starts downloading the file instead of opening it in the browser. To get this URL use Google Docs Direct Download Link Generator.

Why use the Google sheets Direct download link generator tool?

Problems in using a general URL instead of a direct downloadable URL?

The problem is when you share any file from your google sheets. The URL opens inside the browser and shows the content of the sheets. And if you want to download it then download it manually.

Click manually if using a general URL to download the file.

If the user wants to download the file then he/she needs to click on the download button manually.

Google sheets direct link generator gives you the option of generating the link for different fire formats.


Google sheets direct link generator creates a direct download link in no time.

How to use the sheets direct download link generator?

It’s very simple to get a sheet’s direct link using our direct download link generator tool.

  1. Get your sheet file share URL(must be publicly shared). [Scroll down for help]
  2. Paste the URL link in the input box above as shown in the image below.
  3. Hurrah! you get the direct download link in the output text box.

How to get the Google sheets file share link?

Step 1: Open Google Sheets and open the file.

Step 2: Click on the share button in the right top corner. Refer to the below images.

Google docs direct download link generator
Click on the share button

Step 3: Then click on the Get Link option and click on restricted. And select Anyone with the link as shown below.

Sheets Direct Download Link-Click on restricted
Click on restricted
Sheets Direct Download Link-Click on Anyone with the link
Click anyone with the link

Once you select the Anyone with the link option it will show something link as shown in the below image.

Sheets Direct Download Link-Click on Copy link
Click on copy Link

Step 4: Now, click on the copy link to copy the link.

Limitations of Google sheets direct download link generator tool

  • Works only with the files created with the Google Documents online.
  • If the sheet is uploaded manually to google drive. then you can use Google Drive direct link generator for this purpose.
  • Although the tool will generate a Direct download link even if the file is not shared publically. But direct download will work only if the file is shared publically.
  • If the file is above 25MB then the direct download link won’t work. To bypass this you need a Google Drive API key. Get the Google Drive API key from the Google Cloud console and paste it into the Google Drive API key field.

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