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How to create and sell e-books online through Razorpay

There are various ways to make money online. Today we will create and sell e-books online.

If you are lazy like me and don’t want to read the article watch the below video.

To achieve this we need only two things. A Razorpay account and an ebook. That’s it.

Create a Razorpay Account

If you have a Razorpay account that’s fine else create an account by watching the below video.

I hope now you have a Razorpay account. The next step is to create the ebook for free.

How to create an ebook for free to sell e-books online

To create an ebook for free go to and download any pdf related to your niche. Modify the downloaded pdf and make your own version. Now we have our modified pdf ready. The next step is to create a book cover for our pdf file.

How to create an e-book cover for free

To create an ebook cover we will use Canva free account. If you don’t have a Canva account then create one.

Now add the book cover to your pdf.

Upload the e-book to google drive and get the share link.

Create a direct download link in Google Drive

Here we will use Google Drive direct download link generator tool to convert the ebook share link to a direct download link. So that the ebook will be downloaded as soon as the direct download link is clicked or redirected.

Save the direct download link in any text file we will need it. The next step is to create razor pay payment pages to

How to create Razorpay Payment Pages?

Go to the Razorpay dashboard and select live mode. So that we will have real transactions on our payment page.

How to create and sell e-books online through Razorpay- select live mode

Click on Payment Pages from the left menu options.

create and sell e-books-payment pages

Now click on Create New Page button.

create and sell e-books- create payment page
create and sell e-books-Select template
Select any template

Here, I am selecting Product Sale templates because we have to sell an e-book.

create and sell e-books- configure payment page
Enter all the required details

Here enter all the required detail and descriptions to sell e-books online.

Now we will connect our downloadable ebook to this page.

create and sell e-books- page setting
Connect pdf download link to this page

On the next page, Check the checkbox Redirect to your website and put the URL of the downloadable pdf(Direct download link)that we created in the previous step.

create and sell e-books- redirect to your website
create and sell e-books- redirect to your website

Click on save.

create and sell e-books- Publish page

Click on Create and Publish Page button to create the page. Your page is created and a new screen will be shown as below. Copy the page URL and share it to sell your e-books online.

create and sell e-books- published page url

I hope you like the post. Thanks.