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How to gain subscribers using

In this article, we’ll see how to gain subscribers using the First of all, we will see, what is the problem this site is going to solve.

Which problem solve?

So, the main problem is when we share our YouTube channel link on our social media platforms and someone clicks on the link it opens in the web browser, not in the YouTube application. the person who clicked on this link might not have logged in to the browser. Thus, he cannot comment, like, or subscribe. And You lose a subscriber.

So, what is the use of sharing your YouTube channel link on social media?

App open helps you to convert your normal YouTube link into a smart link.  And you don’t have to do much for it. It’s a free service. Only you have to paste your channel link on App open and, it will generate a smart link to your YouTube channel. Just share this link to social media platforms and when someone clicks on this link. Your YouTube channel will be opened inside the YouTube application, not in a web browser.

The user is logged in to his YouTube account in the YouTube application. Now, he or she can like, comment, or, subscribes to your channel.

Let’s see, how to use the 

Step 1: Get your YouTube channel link.

Open the YouTube application on your mobile phone. Enter your channel name and then open your channel.

On the right top corner click on three dots and click on the share button.

Now, click on copy to copy your channel link.

Step 2: Now, let’s generate SmartLink using
  • Enter the channel link in the input box.
Paste your channel link
  • Click on “I am not a robot” checkbox.
Solve I am not a robot captcha
  • Now, click on the get button

A popup will show a smart link for your channel.

Click on the copy button to copy.  You can also share this smart link using the share button.

Now, you have the smart link which will directly open your YouTube channel in the YouTube application. 

Now the time is to share the link on your social media and convert your visitors into your subscribers.

Bonus tip:  You can also convert your Instagram profile link into a smart link. And share YouTube video descriptions and get more followers from your YouTube channel.

To know more about it read this awesome article on how to get more followers using App open.

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