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To grow your YouTube channel avoid these 5 mistakes

If you want to grow your YouTube channel keep reading this article. Avoid these 5 mistakes that every new YouTuber does. Believe me, this will grow your YouTube channel in no time.

We will also see what are the reasons for the failure of channels. We will discuss the solutions too.

Here are the 5 mistakes that you should avoid to grow your YouTube channel

These are the many common mistakes that can ruin your YouTube channel. But we will discuss 5 in this article as of now.

1. Making non-valuable content

You should not make such videos that do not add any value to the viewer. Keep in mind that people should get benefited from your videos.

If your video is not solving any problem or helping others in any way then it will be difficult for you to grow your YouTube channel. If your content adds any value to the viewer they will come back to your channel and they might subscribe to you.

Do not make videos about yourself if you are not famous. Because no one wants to know about you. Right?

Avoid making videos like:

  • 10 facts about me.
  • My morning routine.
  • How do I cook

2. Avoid wrong video intro to grow your YouTube channel

Many new YouTubers do not understand the importance of video intro. The first 10 seconds of your video will decide if the viewers will watch or quit the video. So it’s important to trick the viewers.

If you are a gamer then start with an intense scene, if you are a vlogger then show a beautiful or adventurous scene in the first 10 seconds. Try to make them confused so that viewers would watch the video till last.

This will help you grow your audience retention on your video. In this way, youtube suggests your content to more viewers. As a result, it will grow your YouTube channel.

3. Starting a YouTube channel without research

Many start a youtube channel to just earn money. Earning money is not bad. But if you have not done any kind of research and started a channel.

Then I am sure that you will not grow on YouTube. Do some research and find and learn about YouTUbe. How does youtube work? What are the rules and regulations on youtube?

Many start the channel and got copyright strick or community guideline strikes. YouTube deletes many of the channels as well. So it’s very important to learn about YouTube and its algorithm.

4. Not focusing on one niche

This is one of the most common mistakes that every Youtuber makes when starting a channel for the first time. Your videos should revolve around one topic meaning all of your videos should fall under a category.

This category is known as a niche. Don’t upload videos having different niches.

For example, you upload some videos related to funny dances, some videos related to unboxing and some are teaching mathematics. Please don’t change your niche instead do research and improve the quality of the content.

5. Be consistent to grow your youtube channel

If you are not doing all the above mistakes then you are doing good. But this one mistake can ruin your all hard work. Not uploading the content consistently.

Let me define consistency. It could be 2 videos per week, 3 videos per week, or 4 videos per week depending upon your channel niche. If you upload videos consistently then the youtube algorithm will help you as well.


Avoid these 5 mistakes, constantly improve your content, and have patience then you will be the next successful Youtuber on youtube. And believe me, this will change your life.

I make videos related to youtube and money-making. If you want you can visit my channel. Thanks.

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